2017 Memorial Day Ceremonies in Belgium

Saturday, 27 May at 10:00
The Ardennes American Cemetery
Saturday, 27 May at 16:00
Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery
Sunday, 28 May at 15:00
Flanders Field American Cemetery

Annual List of Ceremonies at the Isolated Graves

Attend a Memorial Day Ceremony in Belgium!

Join us this year at the Flanders Field, the Ardennes or the Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery for an unforgettable experience. Or venture out to honor a number of American servicemen buried outside the cemeteries in an isolated grave.

Each year thousands of Americans and Belgians gather at these ceremonies to honor the men who died for our freedom and who are buried far from home. Senior American and Belgian government officials, military officers, diplomats and other distinguished guests give testimonials in honor of the fallen. Chaplains offer prayers in the name of all faiths. American and Belgian military units salute their fallen fore bearers with military honors, and the United States Air Force performs a traditional flyover. The presence of American and Belgian veterans of the war, whose numbers are dwindling each year, are a poignant witness to the sacrifices made. Most of the attendees at the ceremonies are Belgian, who remember the sacrifice that America made for their country. Many families bring their children to these solemn and dramatic ceremonies to teach them the true meaning of freedom and its cost in human life.

However, the Memorial Day Ceremonies are more than a commemoration of the past. The American military personnel who participate in these ceremonies are all combat veterans. They have lost friends and comrades-in-arms in operations abroad. They know first-hand what the price of freedom really is. One sees it in their eyes. At the Memorial Day Ceremonies, we also commemorate the members of today�s American armed forces who have made, and are making, the ultimate sacrifice for our peace and liberty.